Archived Projects

For anything related to the discord bot currently in use, please see the Discord Bots section of this website. If the bot you're after is archived, look here.

Bob Speech-To-Text

A 2016 Raspberry Pi project designed to create a computational virtual assistant. It was comprised of a variety of features, and eventually retired when more alternatives came to the market. It was never publically distributed and was designed solely for Linux.

Discord Music Bot

Started in 2020, this was a separate bot to the main Discord Bot. After recoding, it was integrated into the main bot for ~ 2 months, before being removed under a new host, with different bandwidth charges. After being recoded and tested, a day before scheduled publication it was cancelled in awake of the Groovy takedown. To this day, it stands archived in the bot's code, for owner use only.

Available/Present Projects

Python Auto-Format & Auto-Indent

This quirky script will solve the error, "inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation", and will also make all the indentation the same throughout (you can choose which indentation length touse). In short, it neatens your code through normalising indentation.

I'm not a robot / Recaptcha Solver

As the title suggests, it solves "I'm not a robot" challenges as a robot. It screenshots the display, builds a simple dataset quickly before the Recaptcha times out, analyses the colour distribution throughout the images. This is designed for a specific type of Recaptcha, so doesn't work best on all.

Planned Future Projects

Raspberry Pi Smartphone

No more details available until the project is fully planned.